How to add value by targetting fraud and faults? Keep things simple and innovate from your base. This requires good use of self learning ability, powerful ownership and high-quality performance indicators.





We feel that organisations regard fighting fraud as a necessary evil, while in fact it is one of the most rewarding focus points with a considerable added business value.


We support organisations in better fighting faults and fraud by innovating from their base. Your added value becomes visible in:

More efficient operational processes. Less waste of time because employees make less mistakes.

More accuracy in detecting faults and fraud. This leads to more savings in costs on inefficient detection and better prevention opportunities.

A process which is less vulnurable for fraud and faults.

Better motivated, productive and skilled employees who act as an ambassador for dilligent work ethics and push for better fraud fighting.

Proud customers ánd employees who recommend your company with others.


Keep it simple and innovate from your base! We facilitate the utilization of  savings potential by using insight, people and machines.

Our recommendations and interventions are short, powerful and simple to implement. Sustainable and structural anchoring are important.

We know our added value but also our limitations. With every recommendation and intervention we make clear what we do, why we do it and with whom we do it.

Matching our product or service to your needs is essential. This is applicable  to each of our four services as well as  by the delineation to product (group), service and / or discipline.

But above all, we do it together with our clients.This for maximum use of their knowledge and experience but also to contribute to the learning capacity of our client.