How do you add value by targetting fraud and faults? Keep it simple and innovate from your base. Leissner & Van der Molen supports organisations to realise this in a step-by-step fashion.

Juri Leissner

Juriaan Leissner MCC

“If you don’t want to improve  you stop being good”. That is one of my motives, for both my business and my private life.

After more than twenty years of gaining experience in various management and staff positions at a major insurance company and after the completion of my Master’s study Culture & Change I took the next step in 2018 when I founded the company Leissner & Van der Molen together with Roeland.

It gives me a lot of pleasure to help other organisations from my personal vision and expertise of fraud prevention and process improvement. Especially the components  Policies and Awareness. Processes are often vulnerable for fraud and faults. I like to come up with customized solutions that lead to the best possible result.

Besides my work I like to spend time with my family: my wife and two fast growing kids. Sport also has a prominent place. I train and coach my son’s soccer team and I love running. I ran several marathons in Rotterdam and Berlin and participated in the RopaRun four times. Not only for the running but also for charity.

Roeland van der Molen LLM

Since 2008 I am a financial services professional. The past ten years I have developed myself into an allround number cruncher. Troughout the years I have become experienced in different fields of the value chain: Change & IT, Operational Risk Management and Product & Value Chain Management are familiar territory.

Passion, innovation and human interest are important professional drivers for me. My key skills consist of target driven cooperation, presenting complex information in an easy to understand way and making data driven decisions.

Within Leissner & Van der Molen our Insights & Analytics is my main focus area. It gives a kick to tell honest mistakes from intentional fraud. I think fighting fraud is sexy and I love to share my enthousiasm for my profession with others. I train and coach fellow data and analytic professions from all levels of skill and love to contribute to a positive vibe; that’s why I prefer working in teams. The whole is more than the sum of all its parts.

I also aim to be allround as well in my personal life. My family supports me as my cornerstone in this. Sports wise I train and race the more shorter triathlon distances. Non-sports wise I enjoy drinks with friends and family or binge watching my favourite series. Sadly only 24 hours go into a day.

Roeland van der Molen